Obstetrics - Where family begins

There are few experiences more formative and personal than the birth of your own child, when a new family is born or the family grows. In our obstetrics department, your family takes centre stage. We offer you a familiar environment with personalised care. Our well-coordinated and experienced team of midwives, doctors and nurses will cater to your wishes and needs.

When I am where family really counts.

We offer you safety and security, the fulfilment of individual wishes before, during and after the birth. With us, you will find a place where family really counts.


Our advantages :

  • experienced and long-standing team of midwives, doctors, nurses and breastfeeding counsellors
  • Individual and family-orientated care before, during and after the birth
  • Consideration of your personal birth plans
  • 1:1 care from our team of midwives
  • Peace, security and intimacy during the birth
  • Care in your own mother tongue possible
  • A large proportion of family rooms
  • Intensive postnatal care including breastfeeding counselling and a comprehensive final examination


We are there for you - before, during and after the birth

Pregnant woman doing yoga
Expectant parents
Expectant mother furnishes baby room

Our range of courses

From birth preparation to baby care and baby sling school - the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist offers you informative courses and events on all aspects of childbirth.

Our team - a strong family.

Medicine in focus

Medicine in focus - the event series


In this video, our obstetrics team gives you an insight into the delivery room at the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist and everything you need to know before, during and after the birth. Few experiences are as personal and moving as the birth of a child. It is a moment full of joy and at the same time great challenges. Where better to begin this new phase of life than in a family environment? In an atmosphere where the needs of family and child are prioritised? In an environment where the staff know each other and support each other like a family? This is exactly what the obstetrics clinic at the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist offers you.


Medicine in focus - the podcast


9 months have passed and now it's just around the corner: the big day when your child will see the light of day for the first time. Pregnancy and birth are definitely among the most exciting times in many people's lives. But what role does obstetrics actually play? That's exactly what this episode of "Medicine in Focus" is all about!
Heike Borufka talks to Annike von Luckner, midwife at the maternity clinic, and Kerstin Flöhr, head of the obstetrics nursing department, both at the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist Frankfurt.
The two experts provide exciting and realistic insights into their daily professional practice, report on pre- and postnatal care services, explain possible complications and, of course, give numerous helpful tips - both for pregnant women and new mothers.

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